Ways In Which You Can Stop Worrying About What Others Think

Stop Worrying About What Others Think

The greatest prison people live in is the fear of what other people think.
David Icke

Our life pretty much revolves around what other people will think about us. We make sure that we look good in the eyes of other people. We post the best pictures on social media in order to get most likes to prove ourselves that we look pretty and are liked by people around us.
Similarly, when we go to office, we think so much about what our co-workers will think about our intelligence and smartness.

In all, we judge ourselves, our intelligence, our smartness, our talent through the eyes of others. According to us, we live in other’s head and all this makes us be harsher on ourselves. Thinking about what others will think makes us undesirable in our own bodies. It stops us from being ourselves leading to low self-esteem and self-confidence.
We start feeling anxious about ourselves. Judging ourselves and feeling we are not good enough, not smart enough and not likeable enough.

But the real truth behind this is what others will think is none of our business. The opinion of people has nothing to do with who we are and what we do. Our past, judgement, personality, talent, smartness is ours and no one in this world has nothing to do with it.

You Cannot Please Everyone

We need to understand that no matter what we do, how we present ourselves in front of others, there will be people who will never like us while some will always like us. Either way, it has nothing to do with our thinking. We cannot change and should not change ourselves as per what others think about us.

I personally think we all have been through situations where we concern about what others will think about us more than we think about ourselves. Some of us constantly think so while some do it occasionally. But how should I stop caring about what others think of me?

Well, this is not easy or something that can be achieved overnight. Its a process that will make you be a person who actually does not cares about what others will think. To make it simple, follow these steps.

Know Your Core Values

Our values play a very important role in our lives. When we know our core values, we tend to get a grab of our lives.
Most of the decisions we make in our lives are based on our values. These values are core beliefs that guide our decision making power as well as our behaviour. Knowing our values help us in making important decisions in our lives as well as give us the courage to fight any situation.

If you value courage and authenticity and share your opinion with others, you can do so with full confidence as you will be living by your values. Knowing and recognizing your core values can help a long way in being confident about what you do and not caring about what others will think.

Mind your own business

Mind your own business

I am not by any means harsh here but this is one sure shot way to stop caring about other’s thinking. Just start minding your own business. Stop caring about or asking others what they think of you or what are their opinions on you. Stop worrying about their critical behaviour towards you. The more you expect feedback from others, the more you are going to fall in the pit of self-judging and self-loathing nature.

Instead, stay in your business. Think about your confidence, your talent, your smartness and not what others will think. Remember that you only have one business and that is to concern with yourself and your thoughts. Thinking about what others are thinking about is their business.

Know That You Cannot Please Everyone

As I said earlier, there will always be two kinds of people around you. One who will never like whatever we wear or do and others who will always like us. Either way, it has nothing to do with it. It’s actually impossible to please everyone around us and live up to their expectations. Read this quote:

You can’t please everyone, and you can’t make everyone like you.

Katie Couric

So do not try to look your best in everyone’s eyes. Just be who you are, please yourself and let the rest be what they want to be. Some people will always dislike you and that’s completely OKAY.

We All Make Mistakes Sometimes

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“To err is human”. Mistakes are a part and parcel of our lives and we should accept this fact. We all make mistakes even if we are fully in tune with our values, and even if we are minding our own business.
There are times when things go wrong or do not go in our favour and that should always be acceptable by you. Do not punish yourselves for the mistakes you make.

The best you can do with your mistakes is to learn from them and try not repeating them again in your life. You know you have the power to make better decisions next time, so focus on them and simply move on.

Stop Worrying About What Others Think

Life is a one time trend and we should actually not waste it caring about what others will think about us. To live a life based on other’s perception of yours is simply a life not lived for yourself. You should value your decisions, your business and your thinking and live a life that’s not based on other’s opinion.

Only then you will be able to truly live happily and satisfied. Living up to your decisions and taking full responsibility for your actions is the best way to inculcate the lost self-confidence in you.

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