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A successful career, a supportive family and a very good social life make our lives perfect. However, these are not very easy to achieve. Our life is full of problems and we also have to undergo various kinds of pressure on a daily basis. It is not at all easy to get a perfect life. However, it is your responsibility to make your life perfect in your own way. and this can only be done if you have a proper purpose in life. Our purpose in life is what gives us the motivation and inspiration to move on with life and if your life has a definite purpose, then you are definitely going to live longer and happier.

A research was conducted in the year 2013, and it was seen that people who lead an extremely sad and unmotivated life tend to die at a relatively younger age than people who are having a proper purpose in their life. There is always a strong interrelation between the mortality rate and life purpose. It has also been found that most people in society tend to live a life without purpose. They are not aware of their goals and desires.

How are you going to find your purpose in life?

Always try to help people who are actually in need of it:

The best way to find a purpose in life is to help others in need.  You can do so by donating a little amount of time and money for this purpose. You can also do various voluntary activities for the benefit of society. You can help an elderly woman to do her grocery at least once a week. You can also try to teach the orphans how to read and write. All these will give you a good purpose in life.

Listen to what people have to say about you:

We are always so engrossed about ourselves that we do not have the time to listen to what others have to say. Listening to others can give you a purpose in life. You get to know what others are thinking about you. This will not only give your motivation but will also help you to rectify your mistakes and make yourself a better human being. It will give you positive insights about life and you will also have a good chance to make new friends.

Surround yourself with people who give you a positive vibe:

There are many people around us who are always ready to criticize us. They never appreciate our work. They will find faults in everything we do but it is our responsibility to stay away from such people. Always be close to the ones who motivate us instead of criticizing us. They will be able to show you the right path and help you to rectify our mistakes. We should find such people and be close to them. Being in the presence of such people motivates our lives.

Try to make conversations with new people:

We all must get bored while talking to the same people about the same things over and over again. Talking to new people will give you a new perspective. It will allow you to explore your opportunities and get new ideas. It will also increase your opportunity of making new friends. Speaking to different people about their lives, their culture and their place will be a form of recreation for your mind and will also give you a purpose. You may get some inspiration from their lives as well and try to implement it in your own life.

Try to explore where your actual interests lie:

Are you a good photographer? Do you like to sing? Well, you never know, this might be your actual passion. Try to venture into your life. Also, find out what you actually love to do and what you are actually good at. It is very difficult to recognise your passion. So, if you are able to recognise it then you should definitely do something good out of it. You can even try to convert your passion into your profession. This will not only make you a lot happier but also give you success at work.

Try to take rest:

Rest is very important for the proper functioning of your body. Many of us start to lose motive and purpose in life only because they are working a bit too hard. We should only work as much as our body take, otherwise, it will affect us in an adverse way and make us fall sick. You should always find some time for proper rest because resting helps in rejuvenating the cells of your body and makes you feel more energized from inside.

Try to lead a very healthy life:

Leading a healthy life is important. If you are leading an unhealthy lifestyle, then you may fall ill at any time and once you fall ill, you will start to lose your purpose of life. It will deteriorate your general health and you may not be able to accomplish your goals. So, in order to lead a good life, you should first make sure that you are leading it in a healthy way. Take your meals at regular intervals and drink plenty of water and fresh fruits. Avoid eating too much junk food and fried food and do things which can actually make you healthy. You can also try to do some form of exercise on a regular basis as exercise can also improve your health to a great extent.

Some concluding thoughts:

So, instead of leading life just for the sake of living it, we should add meaning to our life. You should do things with actually motivates you and which you love to do. We should not force ourselves into doing anything which is against our will. This will not only deteriorate our health but will also make us a mentally unstable person and a person who is not happy from inside is never going to lead a healthy life.

There is a very well known quote saying, “ We should add years to life and not life to years”. So, we should abide by this and make our life a happy one. We should always try to lead a  life which is worth living for.


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