How To Change Yourself For A Better World?

change yourself better world


To change the world, you need to bring some changes in yourself. Become a person whom the world wants to follow.


This statement is quite true as you are the only one who could bring changes around you. It is not necessary to bring a revolution as a whole. You could start making changes by changing yourself first. Learn your points, your weakness to become a wise and better person. Nobody has a tendency to hurt anyone but what fills a person’s mind with negativity, ever thought? It’s the people who have a destructive mind. Yes, you heard it right. The people like them have a negative impact on others. People follow each other to some extent, what they see is what they do. Humans have a powerful mind but this mind proves to be a weapon of mass destruction sometimes. So no matter what happens, bring changes in yourself.


Take a stand against violence and stop others from spreading it. You need not engage in a fight or quarrel with people but to make them calm. It is you who could make people understand that if I could change myself why can’t you? At present many people are busy making efforts to change the political and social changes. But ever thought, if they succeeded? The truth is what could not be changed in the last ten decades, is left as it is. Try focusing on yourself so that others might think to become like you. Learn the techniques like tackling negativity around you and influencing other people. The world is changing at a fast pace, with respect to changes in thinking, working and also multitasking. Now though the people are educated, they try to learn what’s good for them. It’s time to leave a positive impact on people by becoming idle for them.


You could leave a positive impact on the world by following these simple steps:


  • Do not compare yourself with others: truth is that you need to put an end to compare yourself with others. It is not necessary that what others try to show is real. You never judge a book by its cover. Yes, you might have not emphasis on what’s behind the cover. You never know what is actually happening behind in other’s life. It is also not necessary that if a person is happy outside might be happy inside. For instance, if your friend posts a picture spending holiday with his wife at the Bahamas, it is not sure that the two might be happy for real. Pictures which are posted on social media platforms are not the real scene. It is possible that two of them might be unhappy with this trip. Yes, this could happen that might be her wife wants to visit her parents place instead of going to a worthless trip. Might be possible that your friend is trying to show off that his life is complete and there is nothing which worries him. See, you need to know the exact scenario beforehand. You can’t just demoralize yourself by watching others enjoying. You never know that the same person in that picture is unhappy from inside. Deep inside he is worried about the future. You have to think positive and try to make changes in your life. Children and others should desire to become like you. You have to act wisely in a most difficult situation. This is what makes you a man. Your decisions should be clear and your only focus should be on changing the world to a greater extent.


  • Be generous: a person should be a giver and not a taker. The more you give the more you feel satisfied. You need to be kind to people. People should feel happy after meeting you. They should admire you and talk about you not because you are kind but also authentic. Being kind is good but being authentic is the best. Authenticity gives you confidence and once you are confident things goes the way want. Even the cruellest person around you should feel happy while talking to you. He or she should think about their nature and try to bring some changes to them.


  • Bring changes around you: yes instead of bringing a mass revolution, you could start changing what’s present around you. Either a workplace or even a garden, it’s your initiative what matters. You should try to bring changes to what you are familiar with. You could make a group of people to renovate the park in your society. It’s just that you should do things in which you find happiness. Your happiness matters a lot. If you are happy inside, you try to make others happy. People associated with you should feel motivated instead of feeling low at times.


  • Be genuine: you should never try to deceive anyone in any situation. The things might go another way sometimes, but it is not true that they would hold on to the same position. Everything changes with time, when efforts are made. As already told, you need to change yourself first. The moment you start believing in you, changes happen. People’s mentality plays a vital role in holding up relations. The more genuine and authentic you are, the more chances of admiration are there. You need to just focus and start acting-wise. Start working on yourself.


After all this, one thing should be clear and that is self-confidence is the key to success. Successful people travelled a long way to stand on to such a position. Everything that matters is what you think of yourself. If you feel demoralized start visiting your friend’s places or you could make good friends hang around with. No matter what happens next just focus on positivity. The person should have clear thoughts and a holy soul. People like those people and try to learn from them who are authentic and genuine.